Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dottie Angel - The Sweet, Whimsical World of ..........

Here's another one of those endlessly creative people.

How does she do it?

With multiple animals.

Multiple kids.

Multiple impulses.

A beautiful and unerring eye for color.

And the energy

to fulfill dreams!  (Could somebody?)  Make me more like her!

All pics Dottie Angel

****  Bonus links:  From earlier this week: Two fascinating, sobering discussions about Women and Art/Education with Judy Chicago and Bisphenol A and other plastics on WNYC still my very favorite radio station.  


  1. Wow! I admire people with this much creativity and energy. :-) It's one thing to dream up pretty things, quite another to actually make them all. :-)

  2. Quel imagination, merci pour ce joli lien. Je suis toujours admirative devant le talant pour trouver autant d'idées originales et les réalisées aussi bien.