Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Downtown L.A. Walk - Part Two

I'm struggling to find words this week, after a very busy and exhausting month of February.  So I'll just try keep it simple.

The Ace Hotel from the Back

Bottega Louie lives on.

And it is still crowded and noisy.  (With still the best croissant in L.A. IMHO)

If you haven't had Bolivian cuisine yet, what are you waiting for?  Mo-Chica's seviche are supposed to be amazing.

L.A.'s skyline has ambitions, shall we say.  It's not quite NY!

Haven't tried it but it should be good.  Josef Centeno, the chef/owner practically invented the Downtown L.A. food scene.  When he was at the Lazy Ox, it was the Paradis family's fave restaurant.

Greening of Downtown L.A.?  It is a good thing!

A very arty street in the old "Bank District" just North of where the Ace is.

Along with the "Arts District" further East, this neighborhood seems to be

one of the most vibrant in Downtown L.A.  (Yes I think that's new housing coming!)

Though it retains many of it's noir-ish (Raymond) Chandler-esque charms.

Then again.

Let's just call it.


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  1. thxs for showing the hood! n♥
    those home fronts / facades are awesome!