Monday, March 7, 2011

Pub Paradis - The Lazy Ox, Downtown L.A.

Oh I just can't do the haiku thing!  It is so cramping my style!  So here, quick:

Shortly after The Lazy Ox opened, Irene Virbila, the LA Times Food Critic said

"Every restaurant in L.A. should be making food like this."

It is mostly Spanish styled, or in this case, Mexican.   (Chili and lime fruit salad).  With the occasional Asian intrigue thrown into the mix.  (Like yuzu and ume - but if the menu didn't tell you, you wouldn't know!)

It was voted 2010's best new restaurant in L.A.

The printed menu is one thing.  On any evening you'll have an additional choice of many interesting blackboard specials for both starters and mains.  The grilled shisito peppers are not to be missed!  The flavors are robust, bold, complex and rustic.  Everything is impeccably fresh.  The paleron is top class.

This must be the seabream or dorade (same preparation).

No idea, it could be beef shortribs which are very popular on L.A. menus now, but I think there are lots of (giant) beans in this dish!   The wine must have been very good that night.

Farro with bone marrow.

The famous (already) Lazy Ox rice pudding.  Sorry guys but there is just not alot of rice in this baby!  It is all about the caramel sauce and the cream!

It's dark inside and bright outside, right in the middle of Little Tokyo!  Highly recommended!


  1. i want to be your neighbor.... :)

  2. J'allais dire un peu comme Jane ! Mais que ne puis-je prendre ce soir un avion, m'envoler et goûter à ces mets qui me mettent l'eau à la bouche (soupir).

  3. Let's go. How about 1:30 for a leisurely lunch and a walk around the hood? (wish) xo

  4. This place look great! I keep bookmarking all the places you mention :)

  5. I really enjoyed reading your review, and loved how you described the flavors. I noticed that spelt seems now to go by the italian name farro - I wonder why.