Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Interrupt This Pub Crawl..........

I never ever, ever, ever - 

dreamed I could say.......... that March is my very favorite month!

But March in my neighborhood looks like this.  Yes it did, yesterday morning.

And if you could just smell.......

This is what my nights and mornings are perfumed with.  I would so like for you to be here with me.  So that you would know what a beautiful thing it is! 


  1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

  2. wow, our March is still a lot less colorful!

  3. Oh to have a neighbourhood like that, where people love gardening, it looks like paradise! Absolute paradise Mlle Paradis! Love Vanessa xxx

  4. That is one walk I would love to be on... and in such good company!
    Gorgeous MP!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    S x

  5. I have not seen wisteria like that yet - gorgeous! I do think you are ahead of us season wise... I would love to stroll among the flowers with you in sunny LA :^)

  6. Incredible! Amazing! The colors, the beauty you have captured! Thank you!

  7. Oh, how stunning, Paradis!! You made my day with these images. :-)

  8. These photos reminded me of my life and garden in Seattle. Thank you! I wish I could be there too!