Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Call - Wurstkuche, Los Angeles

Remember that pub crawl we were on the other week?  We got rudely interrupted.  Don't remember why.  But that doesn't mean that we should forget all about Wurstkuche.  Situated on a lonely corner in the very remote seeming "Arts District" of Downtown L.A., a few minutes walk from Little Tokyo.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER (to Europeans, maybe, and ex-NY-ers):  THIS IS A BAR IN L.A. THAT IS OPEN ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON!  (Not all bars in L.A. are.)  

Last year some time, we took a friend and his eleven year old to Wurstkuche for lunch.  So this eleven year-old, after being led past the already long line forming at the entrance, where people were ordering food, and getting settled on a narrow bench against a wall, in a room arrayed with long communal tables - in the dark ...........had a long look around, then let out a big sigh.  "You know," he said, blinking once or twice - and shrugging his shoulders a little uncomfortably. "If this place does not work out, we could go somewhere else!"

"What do you mean?" we said.

"Well you know, we could go to, like a real restaurant.  Where people COME to your table and take your order.  And there are big TV's on the wall that you can watch."  

"MMMMMMMOkay."  We said.  "We prob'ly could..........."

Then someone brought him a nice chunky bratwurst.  And an orange soda.  And some fat fries with truffle oil glaze on them.  And chipotle aioli for dipping!

There were no further discussions of "other" restaurants.  Get there early guys!  By seven-thirty p.m. the lines are almost two blocks long to get in.


  1. I LOOOVE places like this - give me the funk! So glad you shared this bit of the back streets because that's where you find the good stuff. Hooray for hip LA...

    And - This brings to mind our beloved Sol Food in San Rafael. Puerto Rican !!! Not a pub, but hip and the food is to die for. (future post perhaps)

    I like this pub crawl MP ... more please :^)

  2. OK...please send recipes... for this kind of place with great food I mean!
    have a good weekend MP!

  3. Hmmm... "fat fries with truffle oil glaze"!

    Nice Shepard Fairey (I think?) on the wall above the pub!

    Have a good weekend... hope there'll be a gezellige pub or two in it for you.

  4. That looks so good. The orange soda makes it perfect.

  5. sounds and looks like a great place to visit :)

  6. this place rocks!!! i love it. been here several times and it is a major favorite!!! go!