Friday, March 18, 2011

Hear From the Japanese People

Here is a link from a New York Times story today with first person accounts of how people are still waiting for help and private entities and individuals are stepping in to provide rescue efforts.   I wish more private entities both Japanese and foreign would take the same kind of initiative.  I received an email from a Japanese blogger today with loved ones in Tokyo and Eastern Japan who sounded very very worried and said that she and her husband felt doubts about what was being told them "officially".  I think it's perfectly natural after so much time passing to start having doubts about what you are being told.  We have to ultimately - in such emergencies - think for ourselves, do for ourselves, and do for each other to the extent possible.

Today I sent further emails to Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, the mayors and governors of Los Angeles, Honolulu, California and Hawaii and the Japanese Consulate in Washington DC.  It took me about 15 minutes altogether to send these email requests to expedite humanitarian aid.

If hundreds, or thousands of individuals made similar requests of their political, community and business leaders and appeals via Avaaz we might actually have some impact.  Instead of feeling hopeless, helpless, foolish, horrified and grief stricken.

So I continue you to ask for your help.  Not for me.  Wouldn't you want someone to do the same if you were in such a situation?
Please help restock Japan and put some smiles back on faces!!!!!!!

Thanks everybody who has stopped by here today and done whatever small thing that you could. 

Doesn't it feel a little bit better already?


  1. MP! You seriously got something moving here. Bravo to you for moving things forward.
    Its very true that in such a crisis you cant wait nor can you believe simply what is told to you. Doing for each other is tremendously important.

    Just spent 90 mins replacing all the images on my post.... cant work out what was going on... but for max. impact the post has to be readable...
    also strangely comments box is needing to be clicked a couple of times...
    have tweeted and tumblred the messages... talked to friends and am seeing a little more fpcus on the topic of getting supplies to the people.
    That video was great at your previous post!
    well done my friend!
    S x

  2. You are so generous! Thank you.