Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Other Voices, Other Blogs

I've been spending the week putting together our "Emergency Kit".

It's a somber task.  There's no joy in this kind of shopping and organizing.  Especially when the news

continues to be so grim.  I have a hard time being cheery and silly when so many are suffering so.

These pictures can't help but make me - and I hope you - feel better.

These middle three are from anja mulder.  She's new-ish on the blogroll, I love her drawings and pictures of animals.  As much as I like her photo portraits which feature alot of people with HAIR!  I love people with hair!  Do you?

And finally.  Something to remind us of the fragility and fleeting joy in life.  From Suzanne at SakuraSnow who's work I love as you may already know.  It's a butterfly banquet.  Ever feel like a butterfly at a banquet?  Me?  Yeah!


  1. I want to hold little animals and have a butterfly banquet... just looking at these photos feels so healing. Animals, kindness, close observation of natural beauty. I am taking a breath... thank you.

    On the other hand, a reminder that I need to shop for large jugs of water and all that stuff... it must be done and thank you for that too.


  2. Sombre et triste j'aime beaucoup les cartes Urubbu...

  3. mon coeur saigne pour ce peuple que j'aime tellement...Je t'embrasse.

  4. Thank you for the reminder how life is so fragile and of the new biginnings and hope. I would love to share a moment with a group of butterflies and their banquet.xo

  5. Thank you for this post - I needed to see that baby hedgehog and the beautiful platypus and gingko leaf drawing today, in the middle of this dreadful week. The cards at Urubbu are wonderful!
    I came across a Flickr set of French ‘gypsy caravans’ yesterday and the magnificent bursts of colour made me think of you - here's the link if you're in need of a colour fix.
    Take care, sx

  6. Erm... sorry, the link I tried to leave doesn't seem to be working! Here it is again... for 'old-school' copying and pasting:

  7. les pauvres.. tout cela en même temps et nous si impuissants..

  8. The little hedgehog DOES make me smile, Paradis. :-) He's so darling. Putting together an emergency kit is such a good idea. I'll have to put some thought into that. :-)