Friday, March 11, 2011


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This little watercolor is by Georgia O'Keefe.   

Such a day it has been in our world again.  It is a gloriously beautiful one here in L.A. as many days are it seems, when absolutely awful things are happening.  Why is that?   My hubby was in Hawaii last night.  As are my parents and all my Mother's family.  I know that some of you out there are missing loved ones and wondering if you will ever see them again.   When the worst does not end up happening, we laugh and let our breath out and shrug it off.  Like a bad dream.  

Some bad dreams, we are not able to wake up out of.  The people of Haiti, the people of New Zealand and Chile, the people in Iraq, the people in Libya and many people in other places that attract less of our interest are still living their nightmares.

The next great worry for Japan is the nuclear plants and more aftershocks.  The UK's Guardian newspaper especially, the Huffington Post, as is the L.A. Times here, are providing a good mix of updates on developments and background stories.  If you can help, please do.

Stay safe all.   Don't you just want to hold your loved ones close?  And listen to them carefully?  And tell them that you love them?  I do.

It's going to be a long weekend.  


  1. Yes, oh yes. Beautifully said. Every time I see a child crying on a video, I see my little Q, just three days old and left alone on a doorstep. Or I see her a year ago, coming out of a surgery, swollen and bruised with her little chest hitching for breath as her lips turned blue. In every disaster, in every tragedy, I see her near misses, her near tragedies. When it's you, it's one thing, and it's strange (I so remember my fleeting desperation when I was diagnosed with cancer, and my almost instant transition to survival mode) but when it's a loved-one, it's very nearly unbearable. I see my own loved ones in every tragedy, in everyone else's loss. And really, thank goodness for empathy. Let's all feel that heart-rending pain for everyone who has lost something or someone. Let's feel it to our cores.
    Love to you and yours.

  2. Yes it is awful. I can barely watch the Japanese stuff anymore it is so upsetting.
    Your spring post was STUNNING by the way.

  3. I like the way you express yourself - so well said. I'm glad you do it.

    It's hard for me not to be completely obsessed with the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant situation. I feel guilty for having happy moments today ...

  4. Wonderfully written post MP!
    I ended up going away where I couldn't spend time on twitter reading up to the minute reports on Japan etc. Realised that I had absorbed so much since our Queensland summer of ruin, the Christchurch nightmare, Political unrest in parts, and this one with its horrifying "large-scale-everything-kind-of-disaster" made me eventually realise Id be more productive going away to the coast, seeing family, watching my niece entertain the sunday lunch crowd at a great spot with her beautiful songs and forgetting a little... just for a while.
    A good idea. Mind functioning better on return... started thinking how to make contact with old and dear japanese chum from a long time ago.
    No longer a paralysed observer Im glad to be moving and acting and more able to respond.
    wishing you quiet, restful days MP and much love to people everywhere trying to make their way through and after turbulent times!
    S xo