Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pub Paradis - The Laurel, Studio City

Hi everybody!   It's going to be a busy week this week for me because I JUST have to take care of some neglected things on the home front.  So blogwise, it's going to be an L.A. series of nice "gastropubs". Something Mr. Paradis and I live and die for is an afternoon pubby experience on the weekend.  We much prefer it to brunch.  There is no better way to keep it mellow and to catch up with each other.

To keep the posts low-impact from my side, I'm going to caption the pictures exclusively in HAIKU!  See how I do!  I'll be back next week with more of the usual style posts.  Some of these are I-phone pics.  Hope you like this series and that it's a good week for you!

Ventura Boul'vard.

No plastic strip mall vibe.  It's

chill,  it's just  -  (good!)  lunch!


  1. i havent had french fries in ... forever! looks good.

  2. Miam...ça me donne envie de sortir boire une bonne bière bien fraîche...!

  3. yum! i heart french fries.

  4. We like pub food at our house too! Especially, when the weather is gloomy!

  5. More yum and hunger (I saw your Lazy Ox first) :)

  6. LOve THOSE ind of french fries... the real deal...hand!
    Looks good MP!