Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Corner View - Reflection: New Stone Age - West Third St. Los Angeles

The New Stone Age, on Third St. in L.A.,  is

Other pictures on the website (click it) are better than on the blog here.

"TOO BAD",  I said, to Mr. Paradis, "that my birthday, Christmas and our anniversary are all still at least seven months away".  Cause he could shop for me here.

He said, "These - I could MAKE for you!  Easy-Peasey!  I said "Huh!  Yeah right!"  (Though we do like berries at our house.)

I am always cleaning something.

These fellows speak for themselves.

But......we were talking about reflections.........

 and "Reflection" does include glistery things, right?

Maybe not so much velvety rotund things but......(I STILL LIKE 'EM!)

These, you have seen before, and I think we achieved a consensus, reflecting our shared predilections.

Now you know that post last week I did about the greeney yellow kitchen that I should have had, and its "bridge and tunnel" accoutrements instead? (Bridge-and-Tunnel is NYC code for New Jersey and QUEENS.)  That house ALSO had an electrical box right SMACK in the middle of the "living room".  If ONLY I'd have thought to paint it Chinese celadon blue and accessorize it with a red tasseled key!   How classy would that have been?!

But I didn't!  I covered it with a dish towel instead.  Genius?  Well Sheesh!  (No!)

So OK, if the New Stone Age actually IS the ultimate reflection of A-L-L my predilections, including specifically, pink flowers......then that must mean that "The NEW STONE AGE" is  MY NEW FAVORITE STORE!   (In L.A.)

Shall I sum up?  Emphatically, YES.

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  1. a dear friend of mine used to work there for many years, and they sold her jewelry. which reminds me. the jewelry is super fab there! that whole shop is magic.

  2. Un superbe magasin...j'aime beaucoup la deuxième photo..bonne journée...Bisous

  3. This shop looks like shopping paradise ...

  4. Third and...? I'll have to look it up, I'm guessing around Melrose, La Brea. Oh - I find myself transported when you talk L.A. So closing my eyes now...

    You know what I have notice dear MP? When I visit your blog you've got me talking back to it. I read, and answer back...in my head of course. I like that - we converse you and I, did you know that?!?

    ...oh, and men are so practical aren't they...booo ;^)

  5. p.s. just checked google maps and found my location was off. So now I'll point myself in the right direction (a bit OCD)

  6. This looks like a great place to wander... and wonder.

  7. Wonderful things that make me reflect on how to gain more space in my appartment...for some of these beautiful things! ;o)

  8. Looks like a wonderful store where I could spend hours. Some of the items looked more out of the future though than the stone age. Cool name for a store.

  9. You are intriguing me with all these cool places you visit!

  10. huh??!! the type!!! those slugs!!! and oh, are those caps to paint tubes, glues on a vase???
    oh, the very idea...
    i could wander about and totally get elated, i'm sure...

  11. Now I wish I had an electrical box right smack in the middle of my living room ... :)

  12. to be perfectly honest with you, I haven't got the foggiest what you're on about. then again, it seems to make you happy, so hey! ;)