Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mad for Miniature

Have you seen the Grand Budapest Hotel yet?

I've been listening to interviews and reviews about it.

In one interview, Wes Anderson cites these miniature rooms as inspiration for his work.

And someplace that he has visited many many times.

For us Yanks who can't easily hop planes and trains to see how the "other half lives"

Wes Anderson has reminded us about:  the Thorne Collection of Miniatures at the Chicago Institute of Art.  Do you know it already?  Have you been?


  1. Ces miniatures sont incroyables, je pourrais rester à les regarder pendant des heures...et rêver !
    C'est vrai que les décors de Grand Budapest Hotel sont vraiment sympas. Les photos n°3 et 4 sont celles qui m'y font le plus penser.

  2. Yes, I have been to the Thorne rooms - on several different occasions, when I was a child. I think that visitors sometimes regard them as dolls' houses, and therefore, childs' play and especially suitable for children. I think children do enjoy them, regardless of their background, but I wonder if they realize that they are seeing images from different places and time periods. I'm pretty sure that they, although I was unaware of it, influenced my interest in interior design. I am also sure, although I never thought of it before, that it influenced my love of Wes Anderson's movies by offering stylized images that were familiar and awoke feelings of nostalgia. I have a friend who is an Anderson fan who is coming to visit; I'll take her there.

  3. wow! i really like miniature anything. when in paris, there's a few extraordinary japanese 3-dimensional miniature tableaus in the musée guimet. wes anderson new film? n♥

  4. okay.
    i came back here today, because i wanted to check out the links.
    last nite my comment got eaten! ;)))
    so here's me again.... saying, wow for the miniature world!