Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eat Global, Think Local! - Brixton Market, Part Three

Brixton is a hipper, slightly smaller scale, multi-ethnic Borough (and sometimes, Spitalfields) market.

It won't disappoint!

It's open till 11 p.m.

You'll be spoilt for choice.

You'll have plenty of company.

Whether you're lunching with family

(the prices are so much gentler than in more touristy London)

or (as besotted as I am with Falconware and) planning a Jamie-style dinner with your own folk.

All the fixings for celebration are here, and the means by which to record such a one.

On the other hand, GELATO?????  (Every place looks empty because we were there on on Monday or Tuesday morning which is closing day for many.  I am assured that this quiet is not NORMAL.)

Have I mentioned that there is a sweet granny-chic quality about the place?

Even when the granny is a chubby nice Thai one selling "Happy Dumplings" (which unhappily, don't get great online reviews).

Need wine for that celebration?

Or would you rather celebrate at foodie-ambitious "Salon"?

With its rustic charms and single menu format that has drawn both raves and grumbles.

But listen, you have options!  Like this "good owl' trad caff" for brunch with Bowser and Bestie?

(There's a good second hand book store at the other end of this arcade and just across the street.)


A crusty sandwich?

A rainbow of fishy fantasmagoria?  (I have never been to Billingsgate but this is by far the best selection of fish I've seen almost anywhere purveyed by a range of Pakistani and Somali-possibly fish mongers.  Impeccably fresh and varied.  This is only one of several very high standard fish shops in the market.)  If you are visiting London and have somewhere to cook I'd suggest you just: "SAY YES"!

Don't know what this lovely place is called but their table settings

and bookcases (!) suggest they care!  DEEPLY.

A little boringly, I thought (I would have gone for Thai food), Mr. Paradis plumped for pizza at the original, flagship, Franco Manca

 (We'd previously very much enjoyed it in Chiswick here.) 

They make a very tasty-and-tender sourdough crust!  So yes, I would eat it RIGHT NOW.

This post has only very superficially scratched the surface of all that Brixton Market offers.  Please report back to me what you did there?!  If I go back, there will certainly be another post.  Rock on, Brixton Market, you right there on Electric Avenue.  

*For more on Brixton Market, check out this review by the Guardian's Jay Rayner the erstwhile Musketeer of Mangia.  For better or worse, his review confirms what we ourselves witnessed: that "Honest Burgers" (not shown here) is apparently justifiably, one of the very best options here.  So much or just, "so-so" for multiculturalism!


  1. Géniale cette balade !!! et appétissante ;)

  2. that pizza looks so delicious ... and thank you for the tour :)

  3. oh my goodness, you won me over here. i've never been to brixton {she says reluctantly}.
    but you've·won·me·over!
    NEXT time.
    thxs for all this goodness. miss ya. wanna talk some more. ;)))