Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Venice Home and Garden Tour 2014 - Preview

It's a delicious kind of depaysement....... 

heading over to the West side of L.A.

and traipsing around other peoples'


The light is different in Venice.

Each house seems more perfect than the last.

There are surprises.

Of so many kinds.

It can make you kind of dreamy.

And surprisingly only sometimes terribly envious.

It can rearrange your thinking.

About the ways that life is ordered.

It certainly gives you ideas.

And yes you do get that feeling

of having disappeared down a rabbit hole.....or of having climbed

some stairway to heaven.

I go for the color as much as anything else.

(You know me.)

And I come away feeling very very fed.

It's not your usual day by the seaside.

But it always blows the cobwebs out.

It's Venice.

Not like anywhere else in the world really.

(More Venice Home and Garden Tour - SOON.)


  1. wow so may cool places. I love that fire place with the sofas around :)

  2. Les photos sont magnifiques... les couleurs, bleu, vert, rose... me font rêver... merci pour ce beau moment d'évasion...!