Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend Wonders

Andres Amador of San Francisco.

Is who did these things.

Aren't they stunning!

It's a wonderful world sometimes isn't it?

I mean, at least these are!

Don't you think?

Could they make your weekend a little bit sweeter?  Have a good one!

Bonus link:  Interview with Phillippe Petit on Creativity and Risk Taking.  (Yes, the Frenchman who tightroped between the World Trade Centers Twin Towers.  The movie about this was so beautiful, inspiring, tragic.)  One of my total heroes.  Everything he says has such clarity, simplicity and truth.

HaPPY WeeKend!!!


  1. C'est magnifique le travail de cet artiste. Je ne sais pas comment il arrive à réaliser ces performances... merci pour cette belle découverte et tous ses jolies endroits colorées qui me font envie.
    Bonne semaine

  2. Ces oeuvres éphémères sont superbes !

  3. I think they are absolutely very cool. wow :)