Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bucolic Splendour

More of that: just in case anyone is.........


of snowy, sleety

(Top three pics: the amazing Sarah Ryhanen at Saipua)

chilly city life.

Just remind yourself......

you're in the home stretch now.

Just a few

short months.........

(last 3 pics: Artemis at Junkaholique)

Have you planned your summer holidays yet?

I think you might already know that about me:

(last two pics: moi-meme)

My idea of getting away is going

(pics 2 and 3 and this last, via Gardenista)

to the country.

(pic: Ben Pentreath via his blog Inspiration)

What about you?  City mouse or country mouse?


  1. Hello,

    City and country both hold interests for us, depending on the mood. Over everything, it is usually the sea which calls.........in all its seasons!

    Your photographs are wonderfully atmospheric.

  2. I love visiting the city, but for living, I'm a country mouse all the way. :-) These are gorgeous images. :-)

  3. Je suis rat des villes en raison de mon travail, mais reste rat des champs dans ma tête ! Cet été, j'aimerais faire un saut en Sardaigne... mais rien n'est fixé encore.
    En tous cas, merci pour cette explosion de fleurs et de beauté.

  4. C'est magnifique, c'est vraiment le paradis...! Entre ville et champs mon coeur balance...!!!

  5. Totally utterly completely a country mouse.

  6. oh. both really, for numerous reasons... a good balance between city and country will suit me fine. n♥