Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Megeve, Haute Savoie, France - More Pics from Last September

A little Italianate (once upon a time, even more so) alpine hamlet

transformed into a rather glam ski resort after a certain Rothschild lady,

horrified by having to share her

Swiss winter holidays

with Nazi generals in, I think it was, St. Moritz.

Megeve seems now well on it's way to being Vail-i-fied, sadly.  In that overstuffed impossibly tasteful greige way that is very much the "bon gout" of moment.  (Which I don't hate, but you can have too much of a good thing?)

These pictures probably don't do it justice.  Megeve is situated in a broad, spreading gentle valley well up in the mountains.

It retains

(not my picture - not sure where from)

some of it's

 old-world rustic

charms.  If you are in the neighborhood......

the detour is kind of unavoidable.

There is good food in Megeve - that's why we went, on the way back from Mont Blanc.  Anyone going skiing anytime soon?  Isn't it time for the school holidays soon?  Have you been to Megeve?


  1. Hello,

    We have never put on a pair of skis, let alone taken to the mountain slopes but this does look like a picture postcard place for lunch or dinner. Now, that we would make a detour for!

  2. Non, je ne suis jamais allée à Megève. Nous allons faire du ski dans les Pyrénées car il y a moins de monde et c'est moins cher.

  3. Tu me donnes envie de me pencher sur l'histoire de Megève. J'y suis passé une fois, un été... c'était très beau... mais je ne l'ai pas vue sous la neige et ne vais pas au ski...