Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ceret, C'est Sur! Part One.

I like places - (in the same way that I like people) - with

a strong sense themselves, their history and origins but which are also able to embrace

in graceful ways, a larger world. (Apparently many artists from Northern climes have flocked to Ceret - including Picasso, from Paris.)  This is why I liked Ceret so much.  Starting with it's most beautiful parking lot in the world.......

It has ancient seeming towers advertising Catalan pride.....

it's tree-shaded main corridor is like being in a watery fish bowl (like the Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence)

I like that it has a friendly traiteur overflowing with sumptuous traditional comestibles

with EVERYTHING you need for a lazy indulging lunch or dinner, alone or with friends.

I like a place, as I do a person, that celebrates color!

Where life seems to be lived as a quiet, graceful celebration, and being alone doesn't have to mean lonely.

A place that values beauty and encourages lovers of beauty.  (Not lovers of schlock.)

A place that accommodates children, and simple pleasures.

Ceret is such a place.  With peaceful streets to wander down, and lovely surprises around every corner.  We did not go into the museums but the Paradis family does hope to return very soon.  I hope it remains unspoiled.   

This is is the end of my Ceret, Part One post.  Come back for Part Two.  Until, then, breath deep and enjoy!  I've been doing so.

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  1. Jolies photos de Céret ! Je ne connais pas cette partie des Pyrénées mais ce village semble bien agréable. Cet hiver, j'irai en Ariège, près d'Andorre. Vivement !