Thursday, October 1, 2015

Weekend Wishes

Oh dear.  Not very clever.

I updated my operating system and it's made my photo files go all wonky!  It could take me days to figure it all out again.  Erggggghhhhhh.  (What photo software do you use?  I should probably switch to Lightroom and hopefully avoid all this again........)

So please just enjoy this foto of a mad Gaudi building on the Rambla in Barcelona in the rain!  Courtesy of Mr. Paradis and his I-phone.   Can you believe I did not charge my camera before going to Barcelona?  (JETLAG!)

I'll be back next week on firmer ground I hope.  Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!


  1. We were there summer before last, too. Did you get into La Pedrera?
    Good luck with your pics 'cause we are waiting...!

  2. are you serious? well, here's me hoping both your eyes had a ball... n♥
    barcelona, hey? swell... x n♥

  3. Entre appareil photo et informatique, il y a de quoi, parfois, s'agacer... mais je suis certain que les images que tu gardes en mémoire sont toutes très belles... comme celle que tu nous montre ici.