Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blooming London

I did not make it to the Chelsea Flower show this year

but really, that was o.k.

I know sometimes you must be thinking - "Why doesn't Mlle P.  just change the name of her blog?", like "Loving in London", "The Other Side of the Pond", or.....

more obviously, something like "Los Angeles to London".  (I've thought so seriously myself!)

The transition from my neighborhood to "this one" gets smoother these days...especially when the weather is so beautiful in Blighty as it was this last visit.

  And so I suppose there's a sense of continuity.  For me both places are always "Passages Paradis"

I am busier these days in L.A. with things closer to home.

and less likely to be out with my camera.  It's not a period that will last forever, I think, but -

do you feel cheated?  I do feel a little guilty.  Because California is a beautiful place too.

But - but - but - but???!!!

I have no regrets about these gorgeous blooms.

And the little paths that I have tread....

Back and forth, back and forth across......London town

To bring them to you.

What. Up?  It's the weekend again!  Have a lovely one!

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