Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pub Perfected - The Old Queen's Head, Islington

You know the old expression - "never judge a book by its cover".

This Islington pub is the perfect embodiment of that.  A very ordinary exterior on a drizzly

London day gives way to.........

Utter tranquility and deliciousness on the day of our visit.

Little bouquets.  Miss-matched chairs.  A faint festive Scottish flair in the tartans and the antler chandeliers.  It's hard not to feel every so slightly transported to somewhere extra and special.

Old paintings.  BIG bouquets.  And that (Turquoise! Tiled!) BAR!

An intimate courtyard at the rear.  Overhung with vines and overlooked by poets (?)

A slightly louche and spooky staircase.....

and THAT BAR!  (I wanted to take that bar home with me - or sit with my knees against it for forever.....)


Ye Olde  fireplace details.....  (ye old wood fire)

ye olde fireplace swept clean on a spring day details.......

 Ye olde great big windows for the rare bright sunny days when the rain has stopped.

Star-i-ly covered stools (more details after mine own heart!)

Squishy leatherette banquettes.

"Ye olde Queen's Head"?  Neighborhood  in-joke?  (I wonder.)

You can check out the website here.  The Old Queen's Head in Islington is a pub of many faces.  You might find one or two that you like.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!! That bar is spectacular. The whole feel of the place is pure magic. :-)