Friday, June 17, 2016

It's All GARBAGE! Stuart Haygarth via the Guardian

Found these via the Guardian the other week.

I thought we'd take a break from strict

London tourism.

Love these collections.

If you did artwork like this it would give you a license to be a very happy packrat.

Something some of us can only dream of, but not everyone attains.

The artist's website is here.

I'm hoping he's a very busy guy because the last bit of "news"

posted there dates from 2015.

This little collection of "dummy's" as they call them in England is kind of poignant isn't it?  I kind of miss the sweet little mouths that each must have once belonged too.  And I wonder, where did these pacifiers end up?  Covered in sand on a beach, washed ashore on a dark stormy day?   Dug out of a storm drain or crushed under a tire and left to bob along an asphalt roadway?  Left in the seat pocket of an airplane?

There's a formal abstraction to these "vignettes".

But they are also poetic and evocative.  Don't you think?  Mr. Heygarth also does some very much more "serious" and large scale stuff.  Though some of it still IS garbage.  Check out his website!

And have a lovely weekend?  Yes?  Please?

(it's been such a sad week.  stay safe too.)


  1. thank you claudia.
    i visited the website as you wrote about this work, on FB, i think. i am in total awe of what he does. it seems to me he's doing other things now, but these series are just so much more poignant (as you put it) than let's say congdon, to name someone.
    the piece you wrote about the pacifiers is very strong too. loved every word, just so evocative and absolutely thought provoking.
    someone's ex-treasure turned garbish, the way of life... in a way.
    once more. thank you.

    you've come back from london? i'm there between august 18 and 22. would love to grab a cuppa or a cold bench lunch... X n♥

  2. How fascinating! I absolutely love these. :-)