Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blue Books - Contest - From "the Road"

Last month I posted pictures of blue books in the window at Appley Hoare. Here they are also in British Homes and Gardens last winter looking quite electric.

Meanwhile Wisteria

is selling almost identical little boxes tied up in cord.  Not just for looking at - you could hide your secret stuff in them!  Still gorgeous huh?


It could get very expensive trying to amass enough to fill up a table like they do in my picture.  Would you do it?   Myself, I DO have a birthday coming up. DECISIONS, DECISIONS.  A table full of books, or dinner in my sleeveless dress in Las Vegas?

I have a few weeks yet to decide.  How about I let you all vote on it?  Birthday Dinner or Birthday Books?

OK, so the first person to send in a vote to PassageParadis comments gets a book/box from Wisteria sent to you from me.  To sweeten the deal for the universe, I will also send the equivalent sum of book/box, tax and shipping to Partners In Health in your name.

Look for my upcoming post on Partners in Health.  To find out more now, click on:

Milles Mercis!

Pictures - British Homes and Gardens and Wisteria, respectively


  1. I vote the beautiful books...but that is coming from one who has on occasion driven 10 hours through the desert southwest just to have dinner in her short sleeve dress in Las Vegas ;)

  2. Hi Maia - I'm away from home but I will have a look right now. p.s. you are the winner! I guess that was terribly hard wasn't it?! Send me your details at and I'll get your little blue book to you. I'm glad you enjoyed my posts on "the boys" and La Nuit de Varennes. A la prochaine foic....