Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boston Globe March 09 - Days of Holi

Alan Taylor gets the byline for this other Boston Globe photo editorial:

on Holi.  Don't know if he's just writing the copy or if he's choosing the pictures too.  Which are truly outstanding. The Globe does a broader series of festivals around the world and they all are of extraordinary quality and reflect a unique vision.  So Holi: Perhaps the most fabulously colorful Indian festival.  Make sure to read all the comments.  So many sent in by Indian readers who are thrilled to death to be reminded of this seemingly happiest of events.  I would love to attend but yes all the powders are very scary to me as I have so many upper respiratory allergies.  And I do hope, but doubt, that the powders are entirely benign in terms of their content.  We can participate by looking.  Enjoy! This is a lovely series of photos.  Meanwhile Happy Diwali (which is just ending)!  Hope it was a good one.

Photo credit:  Reuters/Jayanta Shaw

RPjpEUTERS/Jayanta ShawREUTERS/Jayanta Shaw

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