Sunday, October 11, 2009


Now.  I will either lose you.

Or you will stay with me.

You will feel intoxicated.  Pixillated.  Exasperated.   Strung out.

This is what India does to me.  It is a drug.

I felt this way about it before I even got there.  It did not disappoint.  Some days I say, seen it-been there-done it. Don't need to do it again.

Other days the India crazies come on and I need it.  Like I've never needed anything else.  I came back from this place with brand new skin and eyes.  Can you hang in there with me?  It's going to be some ride.

I feel peace.  I feel frenzy.  I feel bewilderment.  I feel joy.  I got ripped off.  I got saffron.  I got a garish temple figure of Krishna with his flute.  I will go back.

Cause I've only seen a whisper of it.  And it still beats in my veins.  My Indian heart.  

Roasted dried red peppers in yogurt.  Food memory.

So ends my blog-a-thon for this second weekend in October.  Can I bring you yet Varanasi, Sarnath, Orcha, Agra, Mysore?  Don't worry I will be gentle with you.  And at some point you will get a decent explanation for why this blog-place has A FRENCH NAME.  

That's when I figure out the scanner again.

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  1. what a whirlwind, I just caught up with your last ten posts. LOVING your blog. And please, give me more India. You can be rough with me.