Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Corner View - Home

What is home exactly?  Have you had many homes ? 

Me?  More than I could count.  By the time I was 21 I had called at least eleven places "home".

My husband by contrast, had mostly this home.  Which is where his family lives still.

I could have lived there too (I still think!).

But he wanted to get as far away as possible.

Life is funny, isn't it?  What kind of person are you?  A "stay at home" person?  Or a "rush off and find a new home" kind of person?

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And as a postscript, here's a link to one of the best songs ever about "home".  Ever.  Ever.


  1. Hello,

    Back from a whirlwind of a time! Whew!!! My claim to fame is that I moved 10 times before I was eight. No I wasn't an army brat. My dad was still in school. After the age of 18, I moved 6 times. Now, I think I am settled for a while. It takes a long time to put down roots.

  2. i am firmly stay at home. but i am constantly in search of my dream home.

  3. have lived in way too many places...some not especially by choice...others blissfully chosen!
    No move in sight...travel if poss...that would suit!
    Strange thing to comment on...but Ive realised ... i like to live on houses built right on the ground...walk out the back door into garden... one sees dreamy houses with views... but in reality that feeling of the grass underfoot I find magic... running out to pick herbs for ones cooking!

  4. As an adult I am a stay at home kind of gal, to grow my roots. xo

  5. Beautiful shots of this so so English house! "home" is nowhere and everywhere. It is simply where Petit Caramel and his papa are... Life is easy...

  6. I'm a stay at home rush off and come back home kind of person.

  7. I am a somewhere-in-between-person. Had two homes during my childhood, several extra homes at relatives, moved 4 times since I left my parents' home, but still love to come back there. Stay-at-home-phases and rush-off-to-something-new-phases keep alternating. ;o)

  8. ...a person who wants to find a peaceful place (in the trees but close to the city) and when I do that, I will be home. On the other hand, home is where the husband, kitties, and coffee are - the essential home ingredients.

    Your husbands family home is amazing. I'd live there in a second.

  9. Your husband's family place looks very nice. I used to be the second option, now I'm more of a go off and travel a little, and then go back to where home is.

  10. Impressionnant parcours de home en home ! Et de bien belles photos... qui me donnent envie de découvrir ce petit paradis ! de bouger pour ne plus bouger ??
    Je ne me suis jamais vraiment posé la question de "où" mais plutôt de "avec qui". De fait, je le crois, ma maison est celle où vivent ceux que j'aime.