Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not Quite Marie Claire Maison

It's true, Marie Claire Maison has been, for a long time, a VERY FAVORITE

decorating magazine here in Monde Paradis.  And I can't be alone, because what gets the most hits of  

of all the posts at Passage Paradis in almost two years?  Marie Claire Maison Greatest Hits post, here.

I should just give it up and do a decorating blog, no?

 Makes ya think!  Anyway, since Friday came so quick this week

and the Easter Hols makes for a little lazy dreaminess, here's a little collection

of visual hits that have washed up on the shores of Paradise

Rice Catalog, via Bright Bazaar as above

some of them are from Will Taylor at Bright Bazaar, a person after my own chromatic heart, others a bit of everywhere with, as you will have noted, a starker but still striking allure.


  1. Oui déjà vendredi et les semaines s’enchaînent à toute allure. Merci pour les jolis liens comme celui de iinekore.. Bonne journée à toi

  2. I'm finally finding a window of opportunity (visitors have returned home, work has been caught up on :) to visit my favourite haunts around the interweb... and it's been a pleasure catching up here. A virtual stroll through sunny London, beautiful curbside gardens, macaroons!, and those lovely mismatched chairs (in the image above from BrightBazaar). Thanks... and have a great weekend!

  3. That shot at the Sartorialist caught my eye too. Whew heavens what style. Love that blog, love YOUR blog - need the eye candy!

  4. I love the suitcase, the dress, the van. I WANT it all!!!

  5. Oh mais ce sont mes chaises et ma table, à droite ! Et puis des photos déjà vues ailleurs, la référence au Sartorialist... Hmmm, des références communes, je vais de ce pas visiter ton blog!