Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Curbside Gardens, L.A. - You Could Do This Too!

Taking a break from the London pics, wanted to share something with you.

What a great deal you can do with only a little bit of space.

Who needs giant swaths of raised beds and endless zucchinis?  (Your neigbors, maybe not so much!)

How about JUST ENOUGH to feed a modest household?

This one is less photogenic but the plantings are inspired:

fraises des bois at the front, fava beans second, soft butter lettuce heads,

More fava beans, an artichoke, a lemon tree, and blackberry vines on the entry railing.  It's a bee-you-ti-ful thing, is it not?    I would only try to get a redcurb marker so people couldn't park right up against your garden.  And the garbage bin?  I would lose it!

Inspiring?  Inspired?


  1. definitely inspired... all those excotic sounding growing greens. we miss the right t° for it...

  2. Oh yes inspiring! I'm just planting flowers... not much of a cabbage patch kind. Love the lemon tree!

  3. Quite cool, and something we may have to consider given that our ample backyard doesn't get enough sunshine. The only thing that would worry me would be neighborhood dogs...not sure one can wash lettuce enough to remove that...

  4. That's strange I posted a comment here a couple days ago and it's not here ???

    Anyway - Just wanted you to know that these dreamy patches of goodness make a landscape and life rich... We all need beautiful corners outside and inside the house - little moments, coziness for the eyes and soul. xo