Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Bites - Return to Forage

I haven't figured out yet whether "Monday Bites" is being impossibly overused in the Food (and otherwise) Blog world.  But it is working for me.  So all you other "Monday Bites" crowd, just stay away and ..........(you know what to do!)

Remember last Monday's dumpling post?   I'm going to continue in the food vein with another Monday 

food post.  I've mentioned Forage before here.  It's at the bottom of my hill, at Sunset Jct., see also old post here. Have I neglected to remind you in the last twenty minutes that I actually do live in heaven?!

Well not quite EXACTLY in heaven, because if I did, I could afford to eat here EVERYDAY and  eat ALL THESE THINGS and noone would ever, ever see any reminders of them anwhere near my waistline or nether regions!  So, not quite heaven, and thus, making mostly for pretty pictures, rather than the consuming of "all of the above".  DAILY.

This I did consume.  With the help of a greedy cat.

It looks like a wedding photo, doesn't it?  A perfect marriage of some kind of sober, straight-shooting roasted turkey AND (my FAVORITE!) dangerous, and dastardly bacon and avocado.   BACON.  AND AVOCADO.  !!!!!   (The food items you can't - NOONE CAN! - ever say no to more of.  Sigh.)

The bread (crunchy, so tender, and light)  is from the Bread Bar.  Link here.

 C'mon, let's eat!


  1. I want that chocolate cake, and I want it now... Love this series MP! Happy Monday :^)

  2. I found your blog at random. What stopped me was the name Passage Paradis and it made me think. I know the rue Paradis has rue Bleue at one end and rue de la Fidélité at the other. It is close to Gare de l’Est and the last time I was there I bought some bowls in porcelaine, but I don't think there is a passage there. Then what stopped me too was your sandwich made with a nice looking baguette. Your pictures are pretty too.

  3. I am back. I was just thinking that Passage Paradis may not be near rue Paradis but somewhere else? I’m going back home to Paris in a couple of weeks for a visit, if you tell me where it is, I’ll go there. Do you speak French? Est-ce que c’est peut-être plus près de Chaussée d’Antin vers les Galeries?

  4. Frankly I barely understood what was written on the board. I'll just have some of that chocolate cake! Thank you! (oh chocolate... --thank God we find Nutella around here.)

  5. Thanks for coming to my blog. I’ll look at the rue Oberkampf, but it’s pretty long – your cité must be closer to the Blvd de Belleville than the métro files du Calvaire? I am making a list because we won’t be there that long. I have been going to France, twice a year, for decades to visit my mother, but then she passed away. Anyway I never took pictures because, for me, France was home, not a foreign travel site. I regret it now, so this time I am going to take beaucoup de photos! Merci encore pour la visite.

  6. hummmmmmm, miam miam miam miam miam miam miam miam miam miam miam miam...

  7. Oh my... I'm so glad I didnt miss out on this post... I detoured over to forage on your last years post too MP and ... i just wanted to be there... Casbah looked so cool ... I could imagine sitting outside with all those potted trees providing intimate space for conversations. Love that kind of free-wheeling neighbourhood that changes often and kind of doesn't!
    Ok... question... what have you tried here thats been foraged? (it all looks so wonderful!)
    Nothing like food in front of your eyes.... not hidden in a cabinet... where its been for days. Fresh food with some clues as to where it hails from.
    very YUm!

  8. mmmmmm ... everthing looks so good and it is almost lunch time here now :)