Sunday, December 25, 2011


For some people, the day after Christmas is just as nice as Christmas Day.

This is not quite where I am,

Pics: British Homes and Gardens 1990's

but if I could be, I'd tell you that we are sitting around the kitchen making leftovers delicious again and  lounging around the dining table nibbling............... and doing not much else!


  1. Très joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année ma chère Coco Paradis, ta carte de voeux est absolument magnifique et m'a fait le plus grand des plaisirs.
    Continue à nous éblouir avec tes posts tous plus étonnants les uns que les autres, à chaque fois ce sont des cadeaux merveilleux!!!!!Je t'embrasse fort!

  2. Those are my kind of interiors - love the wabi sabi of it all.

    Christmas dinner and leftovers are a sore spot for me. Being a vegetarian, I cannot get into it as everyone else. Though New Years day will be different since the tradition is cioppino - that I can do!

  3. Have a wonderful after Christmas day and week and year! I hope all is well and this weather stays and stays. Thinking of you, Kevin

  4. Comme Kenza, je voudrais aussi te rejoindre !

    Je te souhaite une très belle fête pour cette fin d'année et tout plein de bonnes et belles choses pour 2012.

  5. Adore that kitchen ..... sitting there grazing and that would be a treat!
    wishing more days like this mlle p!

  6. all the best!

    and thank you dear!

  7. wishing you a wonderful new year!
    i want to live in that second shot!:)

  8. Un petit passage chez toi aujourd'hui...pour te souhaiter une très belle et heureuse 2012...Bisous

  9. Beautiful pictures! and a happy new year to you!

  10. It was great to travel with you in 2011 via all your posts! I remember especially the San Telmo market, I dream to visit one day :)
    Je te souhaite une excellente annee 2012!!

  11. Happy New Year, dear Paradis!! I'm so glad you're in my world, making me smile and sigh and be inspired day after day. :-)

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  13. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and would like to wish you a Happy new Year!!
    I loved the boats - such fun.
    Ellen xx