Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday Bites - Pumpkin Pie

Do you like pie?  OK.  I have to admit.  I've made FIVE pumpkin pies in the last two weeks.  Most of one is still in my frig.  I did not eat much of the first three that went to Thanksgiving dinner at someone else's house.  And apparently "abstaining" and being polite did not agree with me, as I hankered for MORE PIE for five more days before breaking down and breaking out the rolling pin.

I don't usually like pumpkin pie.  I used to always prefer apple pie at Thanksgiving, or chocolate cream pie, or custard pie.  But this year, I was asked to make pumpkin pie - and as I was making it under fairly challenging conditions in Hawaii - no rolling pin, no electric mixer, extreme humidity, I swore it was still going to come out......VERY RIGHT!  (And it did, whew!)  My secret weapon?  Dark rum, fresh ginger and allspice.  And keeping the crust in the frig for three days before rolling it out.  Did you know that a longer "rest" for pie dough is almost as good as for bread?  It improves gluten development somehow.  That is good.  If you eat gluten.  (The rest of the recipe comes from the side of a can of pumpkin).

I guess this pie was good.  Because I had to have more.  And I AM having more as I write this.

Is it bad form to enjoy your own cooking too much?  Do you have a recipe that you almost feel guilty about enjoying terribly?  Would you make a big recipe of something - just for yourself - and not bother to share it with anybody else?  The good news for me this week is that Mr. Paradis is not remotely interested in pumpkin pie.  And everybody else I know is PIE-D OUT!  And saving themselves for Christmas goodies.

So here I sit.  Eating pie.  With reckless abandon.  Am I a terrible person?  Or do I just REALLY KNOW HOW TO LIVE!!!!!!????????  Tell me it's the latter.  And I will try not to think about bathing suits.  


  1. Can I come over? I'll bring the tea...

  2. doesn't sound terrible to me. sounds very cosy ... and the pie looks very yummi :)

  3. of course the latter know how to live and lucky for us remind us how to too!
    Great tips and those secret ingredients YUM!... you got me thinking of pie at the end of this Mlle P!
    The cake we made for Sundays special dinner is the one I would share with everyone! Can I call it pie? Its fruit and batter?
    I am not queen of pies sadly... pastry being a skill I never acquired. Maybe this xmas...I like Banoffie pie actually... banana and caramel yes!

    I missed offering thanks giving messages all round this year ... so may I say happy pumpkin pie making and have a great week!

  4. Yeah for your pies, crust and all! I am not yet through making pumpkin pies this season - I love them! We should have have a pie party and complement ourselves on our delicious baking!!!

  5. Glad for you that you reached pie paradise! I made 2 pumpkin pies with my son at Halloween. There are lots of things I enjoy the excuse of having children to bake. We'll see what happens to my baking habits one day when they leave!