Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From Hammersmith to Chiswick - Life is a Mall

They call it a "Mall", those English do.

They pronounce it "Mell".

I can't tell you why.

But if you want to get away from the crowds

and find out how life was like "back then"

or you just want to take a different step back

a step away - from the hustle and the hurry -

what they call a "breather".....

This could be the place for you.  (The Hammersmith Mall to the Chiswick Mall along the Thames.)

There's a whiff of Dickens, or Thackeray.

It's the waterway of Kings - Henry the VIII took this route to Hampton Court

The annual Oxford Cambridge Boat Race happens here.  Have you noticed, plenty of places to wet your whistle?  On a cold rainy race day, or better, when the sun shines and you should otherwise be

on a faraway vacation or planning (another?) one.  Like these folk are thinking of, apparently.

(But you're not.) You're wetting your whistle.  Or, just toodling down a narrow lane.

Getting distracted by other peoples' lives

and trying to find your way back.......

maybe with a few souvenirs

(Could your personal barrel of beer use a little jacket to keep it at a proper temperature?  And why not?)

er, I was saying - trying to find your way back........to...............I mean.........

I mean, the RIVER.  THAMES.  Ah yes.  Refreshment.


  1. Oh... to be in London.. thanks for the reminder of al that charm MP!

  2. Mais sous un ciel gris, cela donne très envie de partir faire une virée sur la Tamise... et rapporter un petit tonneau de bière pour se rafraîchir...!

  3. Thanks for this lovely, low-tide wander along the Thames. There's certainly no shortage of whistle-wetting stops :)

  4. hey, why, thanks! for the tip on chiswick and hammersmith.
    have yet to discover this area, its looking very appealing, right up my street, in a backroads way...