Monday, September 2, 2013

Picture Postcard Perfect: Beer, on the East Devon Coast

Hello everybody!  Are you back?

I hope everybody is relaxed and refreshed and ready........

for whatever might be next!

Yup the Paradis family did make a big escape at the beginning of August.  And yup, it was England

again.  So glad we picked August, we got to enjoy some of the really nice weather England has been having.

When you are in the middle of London's hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget that England is an island.

There is no shortage of seaside towns with sweet streets for walking, nice little antiques shops, views...

Ahhhhh yes.......and the deck chairs, don't you?  You don't need to pack your own!  

OK, so where have you been?  Would you go back?


  1. Love your pictures....
    I told you I was in London in late July, but I did not say that I had a (very) bad memories of bedbugs .... so I didn't want to return to London while now! ;)

  2. It looks perfect! I am not sure I have ever been to Beer. After seeing this I will have to check it out sometime (I hope) :)

  3. j'aime toutes ces photos!! elles me donnent envie de partir en vacances....mais çela n'est pas prévu au programme. Bises chère Claudia.

  4. Oh wow, so so beautiful, Paradis! :-) I have not been anywhere at all but this weekend Bear and I are going to the beach. I can hardly wait. :-)

  5. {please bear with me, on replying to your email. time escapes me. later today!}

  6. Tiens tiens coincidence!! I've been in Devon last week! visited charming Salcombe...
    PS: did not blog a lot lately, but still follow... just wanted to tell you I completely loved your post on Hawai!!