Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hyde Park Heaven

The Paradis family found a new place to play tennis.

And other things.  (Lawn bowls?)

It is hiding in plain sight.  Smack dab in the middle of London.

Anybody know it?

I know it's not the usual thing to say, but I might have to admit to you

that it was my very favorite part of being in London this time.

And it was not really about the tennis.   (Though the tennis was v. enjoyable.)

(Guess what this is?  A miniature golf course!  Ever seen one like it?)

It was about that first part.  A perfectly kept secret.  Space and Utter Tranquility.

Just steps from Knightsbridge.  Hiding in plain sight.

(How was the weekend?  What did you do?)


  1. Oh comme j'aime les recoins de ce jardin...Merci pour ton message ma chère Claudia, les petits chats sont toujours là n'ai pas le coeur de les donner à la SPA, les petites jambes sur la photos ne sont pas celles des enfants que je n'ai pas mais celles des petits locataires qui viennent avec leurs parents passer la saison d'été, enfin mon poignet est guéri parce que j'ai beaucoup nagé dans l'océan et l'eau de mer c'est bien connu ça soigne tous les bobos(maux!) suis un petit peu "bobo"... aussi! xo xo chère Claudia à bientôt!

  2. What a gorgeous escape in the middle of the city. How I love it!! I will definitely search it out when I get to London again. :-)

  3. isn't it, and too right, that first image caught me by surprise too, so i can imagine you just loved the peace. it talks, the silence, in green spots...