Sunday, October 6, 2013

About My Neighbors - In the Wild, Wild West

Last night, 9:30 p.m. driving down my street, two young coyotes loping along in front of us.  As our car got closer, they hurried into a neighbor's yard and ducked under the hedges.  And just last week in the paper............

(Steve Winter for National Geographic via the LA Times)

May I introduce P-22?  Apparently he's a busy guy.  Hangs out all day and all night in Griffith Park about a mile and a half from my house.  Handsome chappie, no?  Click the LA Times link to find out more about him and the National Geographic show about him.

I haven't mentioned, have I, that somewhere, in another part of L.A, we came upon a sign advertising an "estate sale" on a Saturday a.m. two weeks ago.  Since we were right there,  Mr. Paradis and I figured, "why not?" and parked.  We walked up the curving drive to a big house on a hillock, in front of which were planted two giant cages.........

.....Full, not exotic parrots, but  EIGHT RING-TAILED LEMURS!!!!!!!!!!!  Who were much sweeter and friendlier looking than this guy.  But their eyes - a lovely yellow!

Saved me a trip to Madagascar!  OK, so a little googling "Ring Tail Lemurs in Hollywood" and here's what I found from the LA Times, November, 2009:

According to the network, Alley's show will specifically see the actress "launching a new weight loss program, patenting multiple inventions, working hard to raise two normal Hollywood teenagers, True and Lillie, taking care of eight ringtail lemurs, and on top of everything, looking for love." 

See more at:

So, apparently Kirstie lost the show, but maybe kept the lemurs? 

All that gym equipment, Kirstie Alley Books and cookie cutters for sale makes sense to the Paradis family now!!!!!!!   (I'm guessing she's sworn off cookies.)  Could that mean I now own Kirstie Alley's old toaster???? (What, no toast either?)

SWE-E-E-E-T  BABY!  That's L.A.!

(YouTube link to an episode of the show here.  Check out the lemurs.  I'm still hoping to spot my toaster!)


  1. Quel ménagerie près de chez toi.. on ne rencontre pas ce genre d'animaux près de chez moi...!

  2. Hello Melle Paradis! How are you?
    I'm back in the blog with photos mostly.
    Come and visit!
    Your photos and text are still as cheerful as ever!
    Kisses, Kenza.

  3. Oh my gosh! What a crazy hodgepodge of events!!!

  4. blimey... LA does know how to surprise the apt and the avid, including moi.
    kirstie alley...
    long time no hear over here. since "look who's talking" actually...!
    eight lemurs? i don't know...