Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kings Cross - Crossroads, London Town

Wouldn't it have been nicer if the weather had been sunnier?  But it was just English.

Despite appearances.  (I know, this looks rather French, no?  And aren't those tree printed hoardings brilliant?)

("Across the Buildings" by Felice Varini)

The WHOLE AREA behind Kings Cross Station is being REDEVELOPED.

The good thing is the canal remains, and the prospect of walks alongside it.

Some old buildings have been preserved, and entertainments for the young have been provided.  (And seats for the oldsters looking out for them.)

(They are calling this Granary Square)

There is art.  There are restaurants.  

(with celebrity Chef Bruno Loubet heading up Grain Store - lots of veggie options!)

There is an ART SCHOOL.  

Central St. Martins (a very cool school, methinks) whose alumni include Stella McCartney, Zac Posen, Jarvis Cocker

How thoughtful!  Covered bike storage!  (Remember all the bikes at Paddington?)

Here's a roller skating rink.  (Small by American standards, but the Brits DO try.)

(view from Shrimpies)

It's a different place from the old Kings Cross which was a little depressing, industrially hulking.  Before "industrial" was cool.

Now it looks cheery and light-hearted and a little like Legoland.  It's a neighborhood that is going places!  (If I told you what this neighborhood was like before this, you would NEVER believe me.)   It will be soooo interesting and probs very expensive when it's all done.

What recession, Kings Cross?  That was then......THIS is NOW!


  1. thxs once again for this tip i will have to go discover myself anytime next when in london. 's looking really okay, especially the canal walk, i find. n♥

  2. What incredible additions and updates they've made!! It looks so welcoming and family-friendly. :-)

  3. I really like that square with all the fountains ...