Sunday, October 27, 2013

Neighborhood Flavors L.A. - Kardashians vs. THE OARFISH

I have to do these posts.  To remind myself AND you

 (Photo:Catalina Island Marine Institute at Toyon Bay)

that glam and glitz comes in all different shapes and colors in L.A.  That Los Angeles is a desert city right next to a vast ocean.

This was what was left of an 18-ft. recently deceased oar fish that was towed from deep in the ocean two Tuesdays ago by marine science instructor Jasmine Santana after she spotted it while snorkeling in Toyon Bay (Which I'm assuming is a off Catalina Island.  I've never been there though I can see Catalina everytime I take off from LAX.)

How often in the course of your day do you think about something like this wandering around the same ponds that you swim in?  Moi?  Well practically NEVER!

Video and more here.

*  Postscript:  how worried should we be that another of these fish has washed up dead this week, further along the coast here in California.  They usually hang hundreds, if not thousands of feet under the sea.  Why are they here?  What is killing them?  Are they a sign of something that we should be concerned about?  I'll let you know what I find out!


  1. Oh my GOSH!! That is both magnificent and horrifying. :-)

  2. C'est vraiment impressionnant ! Je n'ai jamais vu un poisson comme ça !
    I look for the result of your investigation to find out why these fish are dead...

  3. I would not take a swim if I knew a monster like that was in the water too :)