Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ben Pentreath - Cool Colour, Cheery Chic

I'm a little overwhelmed over here at the moment

in all the best ways.  So please, while I lie a bit low

enjoy the lovely colors and sophisticated choices made by

Ben Pentreath for his London home.

Some of these things, or at least, samplings of Ben's cheery chic are available in his shop online and on Rugby Street in this lovely neighborhood.  Have I mentioned that he is also an Architect, Master Planner and (you guessed it already) Interior Designer.  A busy guy!

 (All photos, Ben Pentreath)


  1. That is peppy, not over powering - with a certain"underlying Englishness." The mosaics were very wonderful too!

  2. i think the kitchen looks very cosy ... and hope you stay cool :)

  3. thanks for the link, it is a great discovery. I like the tiny kitchen ...

  4. i'm glad of your love for pentreath, it saves me the looking up, i can find it here!

  5. WOW... love this... can he come to my place?