Friday, March 27, 2015

Been There, Done That.

Oh hello!

How is everybody!  (Happy Spring!?)

The Paradis family have been away in Blighty celebrating Mother's Day with someone special.  It has been so busy around here, I wasn't able to leave you with weeks' worth of posts.  Sorry!

But now I'm back and.....such things I have to show you!  More soon!

Until then,  have a good weekend.  xoxo  (It was nice to go away, but it's nice to be back.  Thanks for all your nice notes on the last post.)


  1. Fish and chips, j'adore.... Amitiés de Fine.

  2. Miam j'adore, mais ce qui est vert, je ne sais pas ce que c'est ? Bonne fin de semaine

  3. J'ai vu sur le blog de Nadine/Tinywoolf que vous vous étiez rencontrées ? C'est sympa ça ! :) Bon weekend.

  4. Ohhh, that fish looks so crispy and wonderful. :-) Glad you had such a nice time in England. :-)

  5. i can imagine it feels good to be home, c. happy for you. onwards an upwards! ;))) n♥

    1. on charlie brown : yes, please; i'm curious now.
      (your hotmail was playing up just now. so as you know. maybe temporary. x). n♥