Sunday, March 8, 2015

March in Los Angeles

I can't share with you the smell of the jasmine and wisteria

but I think you can probably get the idea.

It's a time already of sunny outdoor naps.

Incredibly, California cultivated red-currants can be found NOW in some grocery stores.

Incredibly, hail can create a snowy scene at the beaches.

The weather doesn't keep too many people from their sunbathing.

or moon-gazing.

It's a good time for cheery drinks with friends.

(All pics, Mlle Paradis, except 4, 5, 6, courtesy of the L.A. Times and the Santa Monica Mountain Lion-Cam)

And yes, summer seems to be just around every corner!  (Ah yes, works for me!)

How was your weekend???????


  1. Quand je vois tes photos, j'ai l'impression que tu vis au pays des fées... c'est magnifique, les fleurs, les couleurs... merci pour le partage. Bonne semaine

  2. How wonderful to have the fragrance of Spring flowers. :-)

  3. Je n'ai jamais vu un jasmin avec une floraison aussi intense ! C'est superbe.
    Ce weekend, le temps était magnifique et chaud mais aujourd'hui, c'est fini ! Pluie + ciel gris..... :(

  4. Jusqu'à la neige au soleil, il y en a pour tous les goûts !! Une belle série, qui donne envie de sortir et de profiter du beau temps !

  5. lucky you!
    warm greetings from still quite grey Paris.

  6. yes, Summer is around the corner here too, and I really prefer the fragrance of jasmine :)

  7. Beautiful! I'm eagerly awaiting the blooming of the wisteria that's draped over our front door... it's a bit behind the wisteria in LA but the numerous tiny buds promise 'any day now'! And that's a lovely pic of your very satisfied-looking kitty sunbathing :)