Monday, March 2, 2015

Picture IT!

Hello March!!!!  How was everybody's weekend?

We had a rainy one in L.A. but fun anyway.  Today I'm posting about, PICTURES!  (What a surprise - not!)

I have to say this is something I've wanted to do on my walls for ages, and never got around to. Why?  One reason might be because I think I'd find it impossible to settle on a single picture.  I've thought of permanently installing a slide projector in my living room so that I could change pictures according to whim......

sort of like this.  But it's not very green is it?  To be running a projector at all times.  Maybe I could get away with just evenings, or weekends.

If I did something on paper and permanent, I'd have a hard time, too, choosing between black and white and color.

I'd love to have one of those Florence Henri photos from my last post.  The black and whites tend to pack that graphic punch that pulls everything in a room together.  Like in this picture.  (Is it just me or have the last three pictures tilted slightly to the left?)

I'm less fond of close up portraits.  But it depends.

Yes mostly I think I favor a landscape....or streets cape.

And of course - you needn't limit yourself to walls.  Anybody done this at home?

(All pics variously from around the web.) 


  1. De la pluie, de la pluie aussi à Paris tout le week-end....! et de jolies manières d’utiliser ses photos

  2. Ces photos donnent de la personnalité à ces intérieurs. J'aime beaucoup la première... elle serait bien au-dessus de mon canapé... ;)

  3. i see what you mean. blow ups are good, i don't think they tire soon, simply because of their sheer size. that make a statement, and we can only bow. non? n♥

  4. comme Menthe Blanche j'aime beaucoup la 1ere photo et je la verrai bien chez moi !