Thursday, May 7, 2015

Country Living Fair - Part Three

And so it went on....the Country Living Fair.  In moments, perhaps a bit more

Ladylike.  For that Country Estate set (or those so aspiring)

to wear silky Liberty Prints and their big hats

with their riding boots.

The English will never tire of or be ashamed of their love of pattern, color

and whimsy.  Especially when it features little roses.

Or even if there's a whiff of Franco-philia or

points South in their passions and fashions.

It's true.  A little bit of everything...

was on offer.


Or made.

Such a lovely variety.

But I did always find

myself coming back.  i.e., Full Circle

to the Dear Old Things.

And the table with the CAKES!

Happy Trailing Around Was Had By All, I Do Think.  What do you think?  Would you like to come along next time?

I know I promised a list of vendors in this post, but I have a shopping bag full of cards for some of those that I have already shown, and some of those who didn't want their work to be photographed.  (For fear of having their ideas stolen I guess.)  But I think I will do a separate post instead, and show you all those cards because some of them are quite pretty.

Meanwhile, if you are in the vicinity of Harrogate next Fall, another, similar Fair will be taking place.  Have a look!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


  1. You continue to delight with posts on this market. :-) Those cakes!!!

  2. Merci pour ces belles images très colorées et cela me donne envie de découvrir ce salon. Mon oeil s'arrete bien évidemment sur le cake à l'ananas... quelle gourmande...!

  3. C'était une bonne idée de nous faire découvrir cette Country Living Fair. Merci :)
    Bonne semaine à toi.