Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Just Because I'm Cheeky Doesn't Mean I'm Not Serious" - David Hockney

kind of says it all for me today.  (Well, at least in the art-and-greenery and cheekiness parts of life)

 (Photos above: Ben Quinton for the Guardian)

I love what he has to say about his parents.

(Photo of painting: Richard Schmidt for David Hockney)

And the English Spring.  He has two new shows scheduled at the Annely Juda Gallery in London this summer.  Painting and Photography and The Arrival of Spring.  So sorry I'll be missing them.


  1. Une belle phrase à retenir en effet... Ma vision du sérieux est celle-ci "il faut faire les choses sérieusement, mais ne pas se prendre au sérieux" ;)

  2. Merci pour le partage. Je ne connaissais pas cette série bucolique et superbe. bon WE