Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Weekend in L.A. Better Late Than Never Post

We had a couple walks last weekend.

Orange seemed to be the theme.

They say it is the new black (yeah, yeah.)

We managed to catch a couple Peronis at Little Dom's* just before they closed for the afternoon.

L.A. is very weird to ex-NY-ers and Londoners.  Restaurants and bars are not open all day.  (Why ever not?)  L.A. also has very few OLD PLACES.  I mean those that seem very "dans son jus".  The Paradis family have always been fooled by Little Dom's* but a production designer friend recently told us that the whole thing is faked up.  

Whatever.  It's a great place to hang for low-key celebrity spotting.

More fake ambiance.  (Not Little Dom's, but working for me!)

To keep in the Color-Orange theme, we also made a small batch of apricot jam.  All the ladies at my ethnic market turned their noses up at the apricots.  "Have you tasted them?  MEH!"  But they (the apricots, not the ladies) made excellent, heavenly jam.  No complaints here.  

Do you feel it?  Is it in your sights?  SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!  AH!  BIG SIGHS OF PLEASURE ALL 'ROUND.  No?

(* And don't be fooled either, if you come to L.A. by Little Dom's "Italian" food description.  The food is quite decent but like so much of L.A., they really don't know how to do pasta.  But that's my humble opinion!  I recommend sticking to the oyster po'boys and the clams.  xoxo)


  1. it really looks like Summer! we still have to wait for a month or so for good French apricots…
    warm greetings from Paris!

  2. yasssssssssss, i do feel it, especially on your pages! n♥

  3. Une promenade en couleur, je dis OUI ! Superbe !

  4. Hummm apricot jam ... I was also in your orange theme as I made mango and passion fruit jam last week end !