Sunday, May 3, 2015

Country Living Fair - Part Two

O.K.  I've just had a dinner party.

And what I really need is a NAP!

but for you, dear Readers, I here, MORE of

the Country Living Spring Fair 2015, London....Islington, to be exact.

Fuzzy warm semi-gamboling new lambs to entice you into booking a farm holiday in the English locale of your choice......what say you to one?  Or some?

Gorgeous ikat from the Middle East.  Did you say you were in need of some new lampshades and cushions?

I just thought these vests were the best!  For all the little guys in your life and I hope that means little girls too.

I have a very soft spot in my heart for these sorts of wooly vests since my hubby was wearing just such a warming garment during our early dating days.

More felt, and irresistible!  Of the lovely doggie style persuasion.

I should have should have should have bought one of these shawls - Pashmina - and only about 29 pounds!?  But how to settle on just one color?!   (I will be posting the names and web links of many of the vendors shown here and who especially charmed me at the end of Part Three.)

More lampshades and little characters in irresistible pinafores.

Vintage silver......(sigh)

Can you tell by now that the Country Living Fair turned out to be quite my cup of tea???? 

What do you think?  Anything tickling your fancy?   


  1. Dinner parties are so fun but utterly exhausting. :-) I love everything you posted today, absolutely everything. :-) Those little vests are DARLING!

  2. I really think you should have bought one of those shawls, but yeah, hard to choose just one color :)
    very cute vests too ... so you met your hubby when you very very young then???

  3. J'ai un faible pour les petites chiens... Mais comment choisir parmi tous ces trésors ? ;)

  4. Je trouve les felt terrier vraiment très craquants et surtout l'apple plum oat et le mud pie qui me donnent vraiment envie de les goûter...!