Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Mews You Can Use - South Kensington, London

If you spend any time wandering around London

you are likely to stumble into one these......

Or poke your nose around a corner and wonder what, exactly goes on

down there.  Many mews in London are being bought up, done up, and then sit empty

when the posh folk who own them go flitting off to homes elsewhere.

But here is a mews that retains its whiff of home.  Of villagey-ness.

Of the vital, the immediate, the promising.  With life all around you and plenty of company

to welcome you home.  This is a mews with groovy surroundings to pop into at lunch.

Art and culture just steps from your front door.

And neighbors who will brighten your outlook

on the grayest of London days.  This.

Is a Mews You Can Use.  I'd say it's worth the detour.

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