Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gucci Geeks Unite. Happiness is a Silly Outfit!

Look away if you're not embracing the "Maximalist" style of fashion that broke out all over

this Summer.  Alessandro Michele at Gucci seemed to have been the worst "offender"

if you are inclined to see it this way.  I did not think America would go for this flamboyant

exuberant, cartoony, colorful look which so speaks

to the fourteen-year old in me.  (I am of Hawaiian and Italian extraction - so - you know?!  More is more!)

Where the concept of "Cruise" quite fits in

to this 2016 Collection is perhaps not a conversation we need to have.  But whether or not boats are

involved, I've had a look in the shops and even Zara, ground zero for basic black Euro-chic

is rocking the geeky

and flying the freak flag.

Who would you like to be today?  Florence Welch?

or Tavi Gevinson?  (God, I love it!  Where do I start?  The skirt, the shoes, the sleeves, the dogs...)

Me?  I would like to be ME.  This is SO!  (Madeline in Mexico)  ME!

Oh to be very young again and shopping Gucci!  You know, sometimes fashion just has to be fun.  And this seriously IS. 

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