Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gjusta, Venice Beach - The New Place to Eat in Venice Beach

Gjusta is what all the buzz is about these days.

The younger sister of Gjelina, where all the beautiful people eat, on Abbott Kinney Blvd.,

Gjusta is the more protein intensive, wide-open spaces America, East-Coast deli mashup

artisan-industrial destination where EVERYTHING IS FRESH because it's made for you

sur place - whether it's smoked fish or meats, pastry, bread, kale-intensive salads

jams, drinks, rotisserie chickens


smoked marinated oysters.  The Paradis family have only visited in the afternoon when a summery

sort of lazy small town quiet has set in.  Brunch is the time when all the action takes place.  And some serious people watching one would have to expect.......before you spill yourself back out into the Venice sunshine where your bicycle will be waiting.  (Or your Uber driver!)

Parking however is terrible so it's better off bike instead of drive if you could.” - Yelp

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