Saturday, September 3, 2016

Good Bye Summer, 2016 - I'll Miss You

Even though you went by way too fast and there wasn't nearly enough

beach time with ponies taking place during your months.

You were generous with your sweet peas.

And somehow you gave me time to mostly finish painting this "ceanothus".

The most escaping I did was via Ben Pentreath's "Inspiration" blog.

It was so hot, I did feel always thirsty.

I ate alot of watermelon to combat the temperature.

I made plans for NEXT summer.

L.A.'s only summer storms took place far away, on the water.  That's right.  We had NO RAIN.

I dreamed of a tidier, greener, summer garden.  Not a brown drought garden.

I discovered a new painter:  Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (gorgeous light!) 


And I spent a lot of time thinking of cake.  And eating some every chance I got.

It was a summer of expensive encounters.  Raccoon and skunk removal doesn't come cheap.  (They were digging up all my plants - I mean digging a tunnel to China.  O.K., same thing!)  My friends advised me to just "GET A BIG DOG!"

I discovered this sweet little cottage in my neighborhood.  When the expenses and responsibilities just got too much, I was tempted to run away to it!  It looked so carefree. 

Now it's September.  And Labor Day.  How did that happen?!  Dear old Summer, where have you gone?  There are so many other things we could have done together.................

.........Yours was far too brief a stay!

Happy Labor Day to all of you savoring your last summery hours.

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