Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Corner View - Music

We are big music fans here at Passage Paradis.  Music is one of the glues that sticks us together.  We like pretty much any kind, as long as it's a good, honest version of that genre.  Mr. Paradis is actually more enthusiastic than I, however, and would have to be properly characterized as a pop music obsessive.  Do NOT challenge his expertise on popular music trivia!  He is so good, that he spotted this person on a London street when the average person might not reasonably have been expected to do so.

So who was this man-in-black, having a cigarette break outside the pub, sipping a tall Peroni and engaging in pressing seeming telephone negotiations? 

He is the very tall former lead guitarist in an '80's band.  His name is Mick and the band's name started with a "C" and ended with an "H".  What is this man's last name and what was that band?


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  2. At first sight he looks like Marlon Brando on "The Godfather 2" ... Not the answer nor the time period... but... (thanks for your ever so kind comments, really thank you!)

  3. I originally was going to say Mick Jagger, but he was before the 80's. xo

  4. Hm, could it be Mick Jones from The Clash?

    Loved your pictures of Hampstead Heath - it was certainly one of my favourite places to while away a weekend afternoon when I lived in London.

  5. Je pensais aussi à The Clash mais, de fait, j'ai très peu écouté ce groupe...
    En tous les cas, la photo a quelque chose de musical...