Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer on "The Heath" - London

From the archives......can't believe I've never posted these pictures!  (Things get lost, don't they?)

One of the very best things to do in London in the summer..... is to go to the Heath.

Hampstead Heath.  It is an atmosphere at once

 convivial and intimate.


A place to find company if you are on your own.

Or a place to flee company if you've had too much of it.

Stay, doze, visit, read.  Watch the clouds go by..........

Just watch out for stinging nettles.  And make sure you've got a good pub not too far away picked out.

For after.


  1. that's something the british do well: parks, parks in cities.

  2. Beautiful greens... time for my nap.

  3. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. So refreshing. Hope you're having a great day.